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Trails: (Listed in order of popularity)
Mountain Bike:
Flume Trail - Incline Village, NV, 21 mi.
Hole in the Ground Trail, Soda Springs, 17 mi.
Northstar, Truckee, 5 mi.

Smooth flat trails:

Tahoe Trailways (West Shore) Bike Path
Tahoe City:
  South to Sugar Pine Point  9 mi.
    Most of the trail is along Hwy 89 away from the lake, but  you can stop at swimming
    areas at William Kent Campground, Kaspian Recreation Area, Chambers Landing
    and Sugar Pine Point State Park
    You can also take more strenuous side trips like that up Blackwood Canyon and
    Paige Meadows.
  East to Dollar Point (East) 2.5 mi.
  Truckee River Trail
  NW to River Ranch 4 mi. Squaw Valley 4.5 mi.
  NW to Squaw Valley Rd. and Hwy. 89 (NW) 5.7 mi.
  Hwy 89 to Squaw Valley Resort 2 mi.
  Description at Sierra Outdoor Recreation
Truckee Legacy Trail 3 mi. out and back along the Truckee river.
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Stores: - (2007 prices)
Tahoe City:
The Back Country / Tahoe City BIkes (thebackcountry.net) - (530) 581-5861 - 690 N. Lake Blvd., TC,
  Mountain: $12/hr, $36/half day, $48/day
  Comfort: $8/hr, $24/half day, $32/day
Truckee: (530) 582-0909

CyclePaths.com Tahoe City 530 581-1171
Squaw Valley Sport Shop (squawvalleysportshop.com) - (530) -583-3356 - 170 N Lake Blvd. at the Y
  $10 1st hour, $5/hr. after 1st

Olympic Bicycle Shop - (530) 581-2500 - 620 N. Lake Blvd., TC

Squaw Valley:
Factory Bike - 530-581-3399 (530-581-5705) - Squaw Valley Rd. and Hwy. 89
Squaw Valley Sport Shop - 530-583-3356 - Near Tram in Squaw Valley

The Back Country - 530-582-0909 - 11400 Donner Pass Rd. (West of Hwy 89)

Paco's 530-587-5561 - 11200 Donner Pass Rd. (Just before Hospital)

Cycle Paths - 530-583-1890 - 11073 v. (Just before Hospital)

Kayak & bike rentals: The Sports Exchange (530) 582-4510 www.truckeesportsexchange.com

Flume Trail Bike Rental Books:
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